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Camping in the Great Smoky Mountains

Camping in the Great Smoky Mountains

The national park system inside of the United States really is second to no other country in the world. With a land as diverse as the US, there are some truly incredible sights, and best of all, it really is affordable for the entire family. One of the greatest of them all is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This park offers an incredible opportunity to break free from everyday life and just get back to nature. While it is possible to drive through and just snap pictures from the window of your car, the only true way to explore the natural beauty is to stay overnight for as long as you possibly can.

Your Very Own Smoky Mountain Cabins

When you stay in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you have two real options. You can camp, or you can check out one of the Smoky Mountain cabin rentals., for example, offers rental cabins that are fun and can vary in amenities, from basic to high-end hotel grade. It just depends what you are looking for. Smoky Mountains cabins puts you close to everything you might need, including small shops for amenities, products and goods you might need while in the park, bathrooms, showers and food. It also puts you close to other vacationers looking to experience the Great Smoky Mountains.

Camping it Up

For some, staying in a hotel or cabin is the only real way to go. However, for others, there really is nothing like camping in a world class camp ground. There are camp grounds spread throughout the park. The ones close to the entrances of the park are closer to amenities, but these also have more people. If you are someone who likes to break free of it all, cut the city noise and get back to nature, you'll want to head inland through the park to one of the lesser used campgrounds. Some camp grounds allow campers, while others are tents only.

When camping in the Great Smoky Mountains, you need to make sure you have all of your gear covered. You can find some of the basics in the stores around the entrances of the park, such as equipment for cooking, camp fires and bathroom items, but for your actual camping gear, you are going to need to come prepared. Thankfully, everything you need for the amazing camping trip is available at

Camp for the Real Experience

The fact of the matter is there are areas around the park you just can't get to while driving. Yes, the national park offers some truly exceptional roads to get you through the majority of the parks. But many of the more untouched locations, where you are free of other travelers and can take in the natural beauty of the region, require an extended hike, often lasting a few days if you take your time. So, parking your vehicle and setting out on foot is the only way to really experience the beauty of the park. If you are someone who wants to live life to the fullest and experience everything you can, camping is the way to go and has you covered. If you just want to cross it off your bucket list and say you've been to the national park before, the cabins are available to you. There is no right or wrong, just what fits your particular needs.

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