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Filter & Purifier Accessories

Filter & Purifier Accessories

Do you love to just get outside and stay outside for days at a time? Sometimes it really helps to refresh your batteries. But, you probably are not able to carry all the necessary water you need throughout the extent of your time outside. Thankfully you have that clean looking river, right? Sure, there probably aren't any pollutants, but there is likely bacteria in it your body is just not use to, so even the clean water can send you running for the outhouse. Avoid your time in the latrine with a filter or other water purifier accessories. 

Tablets and Droplets

This works in a pinch. These tablets are dropped into a jug of water and eat away at the bacteria. You need to properly measure out the size of your water jug with the size of your tablet, but this is effective and inexpensive, not to mention it doesn't take up much room your pack. So, if room is at a premium, look towards these options. 

Built in Filter

Many water bottles come with a purifier filter now. However, you don't want just any filter you can find at the store. These filters are for tap water. You want one designed for camping, as there is even more bacteria in this water. 

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