First Aid

First Aid

You're having a great time, hiking, checking out the sights you just normally have not been able to, when you slip and cut yourself on that sharp rock. The cut isn't terrible, but with the sand and dirt around, you don't want to open yourself up for infection. What are you to do? As long as you have a helpful first aid kit on hand, you are good to go, no matter what happens. 

First Aid Basics

There are some basic first aid items you need. Bandages of different sizes are a must, not to mention disinfectant and some gauze as well. This way, you can dress more common cuts and injuries you are likely to run into. 

Insects and Animals

Bees do sting and snakes do bite. Hopefully you don't experience either, but it pays off to prepare for both. There are snake poison kits and bee sting kits to have on hand. Depending where you are hiking, the snake kit is extremely important. There are also scorpion kits as well to consider, based on where you are outside. 


If you are going to be outside for longer than a day or two, pack for a possible sprain or ankle twist. This way, you can dress the ankle just in case you catch that ledge a bit odd. 

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