Insect Control

Insect Control

If there is one thing that can bring the end to fun while camping outside, it is insects. From flies to mosquitoes, the little pests are nothing more than annoying, yet it is next to impossible to keep them out completely. That is why setting up a bit of insect control around the camp site is a must. It allows for a more enjoyable time outside. 

Candles and Torches

Sometimes the best way to scare away the insects is to create a perimeter with a bit of fire. These insect repellent candles and torches create an aroma that insects simply do not like and will help keep them away. Setting up a few around the camp site is a good way to create that deflector, buffer zone. 

Bug Spray

Of course, you can't just walk around holding a big giant candle while hiking. That isn't going to work. So, when you are moving, look towards quality bug spray. Just make sure to reapply it throughout the day as it can wash off in the water or when you sweat. 


Bug hats and long shirts help prevent bites while out camping. So, go all the way and pick up these items if you know the bugs are going to be bad. 

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