Repair Parts & Accessories

Repair Parts & Accessories

Things can go wrong from time to time. Your tent might tear, the zipper might break off or your backpack might rip. You might not have the time to sit down and sew everything up, but you can at least be prepared and have repair parts & accessories at your disposal. 

Safety Pins

Nothing is worse than your backpack ripping. Maybe you just stuffed too much in there. If the zipper rips off, having safety pins on hand is a life saver. You can attach everything back together so it at least holds until you can have it repaired or replaced. 

Tent Patch Kit

Often times you're not going to know your tent has a leak until it is too late. With the tent patch kit, you can patch off the hole so it does not leak any longer. These patches work well in almost any tent and almost any condition. 

Zipper Repair

Sometimes the zipper might fall off of its tracks. With the zipper repair and replacement kits for your tent, you'll always be able to correct the problem, no matter how far out in the wilderness you are setting up camp. It's also small and portable. 

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