Screen Houses

Screen Houses

Bugs really know how to dampen an outdoor activity. All you want to do is kick back and enjoy being outside, but those insects have a completely different idea. Maybe you want to enjoy lunch but they just keep swarming your head, or you're trying to read a book and the mosquitoes just won't stop taking bits. So, what are you to do? Take advantage of screen houses, that's what. These screen houses are able to give you a perfect outdoor area, no matter the size or what you're looking for. 

Attaching Screen House

The attaching screen house can connect to your current tent. This way, as you stretch your way out of the tent in the morning, you already have that additional layer of protection. So, instead of wandering around to the the screen house to enjoy breakfast, all you need to do is climb out of your tent. 

Screen Houses of Any Size

These houses come in any size. It really is dependent on what you're looking for. Plus, some of the screen houses have bottoms while other are placed onto the ground with the stakes but are bottomless. Whatever it is you are looking for, you can find the perfect screen house.