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What Type of Tent Are You Looking For?

Camping, Backpacking, Mountaineering, and Family Tents

Whether you're looking to go camping at the state park, backpacking in hills, climbing a mountain, or spending quality time with family outdoors your journey to finding the perfect tent starts here. Here are a few key differences between each type of tent:

Camping tents tend to be more spacious but typically don't do well in extreme weather. These are good, all-around tents for more common use. Backpacking tents are good for quick one to three day trips for a couple people. There usually isn't a ton of room but can better stand the weather. Mountaineering tents are your hardiest of "on the go" tents. They provide protection against extreme weather situations but, like backpacking tents, aren't very spacious. Family tents are big, roomy tents designed to sleep several people. These tents are good for a family getaway.

To choose your tent start by choosing the type of tent below that you are looking for!

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