$1,000,000 Tents for Ten Giving Campaign

TentsEtc was built around the idea of let's do something we love that allows us to help others. One of our major priorities here is to give back in a way that impacts the world. We asked ourselves, what can we do that will allow us the opportunity to help those in need while doing something we love. That's when the concept of building a business around giving instead of building a business that tacks on giving as an afterthought, came into play. 

We call our initiative Tents for Ten. This means that for every tent that we sell, we give $10 to help bring clean water and food to everyone we possibly can. Our goal is to give $1,000,000 all while keeping our tents competitively priced. 

So why clean water? Here are some quick facts from WHO:

  • Over 748 million people across the globe do not currently have access to clean water
  • Out of the 30,000 weekly deaths that occur due to unsafe water and living conditions, 90% of them are children under the age of five
  • Water-related deaths can be decreased by 21% just by clean water
  • Clean water wells provide for better sanitation, better hygiene, better food supply, and better work

Bringing clean, fresh water to areas that do not have access to it is incredibly important for continued health. 

We also are dedicated to helping feed children in America. We believe that no child should go to bed hungry. We use part of the money we give to help sponsor children across the country that don't know how they are going to get their next meal. These children are our future and we want to make sure they receive the nutrition needed.

Break the status quo - join us in our mission to help make our world a better place.