california camping

California is one of the most beautiful and diverse states in the country. From majestic forests filled with Redwood trees, to the lush vineyards of wine country, to dry deserts, past Hollywood's bright lights and big stars all the way down to picturesque Santa Barbara and San Diego. There is something in this state for everyone to enjoy. Camping in California is the best way to experience the different areas and the natural beauty of the state.

California is home to over one hundred state parks,along with several national parks and forests, and quite a few wildlife refuge centers. So how do you pick a park to go camping in when there are so many incredible choices? These are a few of the best camping sites in the state that guarantee campers an amazing trip.

Yosemite National Park

With nearly 1,200 square miles of wilderness to explore, Yosemite National Park is a must visit for any camper. Besides the Over the nearly 1,200 square miles that make up Yosemite National Park you will encounter breathtaking waterfalls, scenic valleys and vistas and enjoy a wide range of activities including hiking, biking, and even horseback riding.

Redwoods State and National Park

Not only does Redwood National Park have the tallest trees on Earth, but there are vast woods and prairies and miles and miles of scenic coastline. If you come to Redwoods at the right time of year you can head to the coastline and watch the vast migration of gray whales.

Death Valley State Park

Despite popular belief Death Valley is actually quite diverse. There may be desert conditions on the ground but there are also snow capped mountains to explore! You can go on guided tours or explore the park on your own, just remember to not leave anything behind, it's very important that the park remain immaculate for the enjoyment of future generations.

Joshua Tree

Rock climbing and hiking are two highlights of this desert oasis. Joshua Tree is home to nine different campsites so you have a wide variety of places to stay and countless things to learn about the history of the park, make sure you don't miss the old gold-mining areas!

Lake Tahoe

The water may be cold in Lake Tahoe, but if you can brave the chill, there is wonder to be found, grab a handful of sand and watch the gold flecks fall back down to the lake bed. Whether it's summer fun like boating or winter activities like skiing, Lake Tahoe is a quaint and gorgeous place to camp.

Napa Valley

Is wine your passion? Believe it or not Napa Valley offers plenty of activities for campers, you can tour wineries and vineyards, go horseback riding and enjoy the laid back beauty and

San Diego Beach Camping

Does the sound of waves crashing sound like heaven to you? Then look no further than the campgrounds round San Diego's pristine beaches. Fun in the sun and sand await you in beautiful San Diego.

From hiking and cycling to wine tasting and building sand castles on the beach; California has parks and activities that appeal to anyone. Whether you decide to camp using a cabin, a backpack tent, or a family tent, or even just a sleeping bag on the ground under the stars, your time camping in the national and state parks of California will be an experience that you'll never forget and that you'll treasure for the rest of your life. So grab that gear, sleeping bags, and tents and get out and explore all the wonders that California has to offer!