camping in texas

Camping in Texas

Camping in Texas can be like no other experience due to the range of options available in this great state. It’s been said that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, that includes the sheer expanse of land covered and, with all that land, the Texas topography features every terrain type from mountains to plains to deserts and even wetlands. Within each of these regions, there are state parks with wonderful camping opportunities. This also makes it nearly impossible to narrow down the best camping sites. That said, these are some of the best Texas has to offer.

Kickapoo Cavern State Park

This unique park offers a wide variety of activities besides camping. Obviously known for its caverns, this park also is popular for bird watchers. While camping here, take advantage of an unforgettable opportunity to witness the bats take flight each evening. It is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime.

Sea Rim State Park

This beautiful park is perfect for campers that enjoy the days of camping gone by, meaning there are few luxury facilities available here. Campers that enjoy the challenge of being self sufficient will love this park. However, that does not mean there is not plenty to do. Walking along the beach is always a pleasant activity. Additionally, there are other hiking ventures, canoeing, swimming, and fishing available.

Mustang Island State Park

Camping and beach time; what could be better? It is the best of two worlds. Relax on the beach, take a swim, go fishing, and even surf. It is not often that surfing is considered an activity option for campers, yet here it is. Children watching the surfers can spend the day on the beach collecting the sand dollars the beach is known for.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

This spectacular park is often referred to as the Texas Grand Canyon. The spectacular beauty found in these canyons is unparalleled by anything except perhaps the Grand Canyon. Popular activities here include mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, and of course camping. Camping options include cabins, campsites with both water and electricity, campsites without electricity. It is the perfect place to set up a backpacking tent.

These are just as few of the wonderful state parks that Texas has to offer. There are camping locations for campers of any level. Those that enjoy tent camping in Texas can find plenty of locations with hiking trails and full of nature exploration areas. Those that prefer having most of the comforts of home can find parks that offer cabins for campers. The best tip to offer for camping trips in this state is to always call the park ahead of time. Ask plenty of questions about what amenities are available, pricing options, activities, and whether reservations can be made or not. Also, remember to check to make sure there are not seasonal limitations on camping options or activities available.